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A Cycle of the Moon

Uma Parameswaran

It was a tense autumn the year Mayura came away from her husband saying she was never ever returning to that uncouth, lustful monster. Everyone in the family was affected by her presence to a greater extent than they had thought likely. A sense of collective guilt emasculated the men even while they lectured her on the moral duty of returning to her wedded husband. A sense of outrage mingled inexplicably with a sense of secret sorrow alienated women from themselves and from each other. No one knew what to make of her or of themselves. And meanwhile, she moved as though nothing, nobody, could touch her. And those who thought they had, retreated, scorched.

Using a deceptively simple and intimate style, Parameswaran explores the subtleties of love, marriage, sex, and family life in a changing Indian environment.

"[A] delightful novel. . . . With Cycle of the Moon, Winnipeg's Uma Parameswaran has added yet another fascinating piece to the rich field of Indo-Canadian literature." 
Winnipeg Free Press

"[Parameswaran] writes most beautifully and philosophically but in a simple and clear register. . . . The author does not just write from within herself, she writes from within her characters inner worlds, in a variety of voices that all sound authentic. The poet in Parameswaran also shines through in this novel. . . . With the complex issues it presents, the deep reflections it provokes and Parameswaran’s simple yet evocative writing style, A Cycle of the Moon is definitely worth reading." 
Maple Tree Literary Supplement

". . . a thoroughly enjoyable read. [ . . . ] Uma Parameswaran takes us deep into the politics of the extended family, tracing its complex interrelationships, intrigues, histories and developments through a period of crisis. [ . . . ] Parameswaran is an historian of a vanishing tribe."  
—Rajeswari Sunder Rajan, New York University

Uma Parameswaran was born in India and now lives in Canada. Her recent publications include award-winning What Was Always Hers (short stories), The Forever Banyan Tree, The Sweet Smell of Mother’s Milk-Wet Bodice (novella), Mangoes on the Maple Tree (novel), Sisters at the Well (Poems), and Riding High with Krishna and a Baseball Bat & Other Stories.  
Also by Uma Parameswaran:
  Rootless but Green Are the Boulevard Trees  (1987)
  paperback; $16.95


Paperback ISBN:  978-1-894770-62-0
Epub ISBN: 978-1-894770-79-8  
224 pages
Publication Date:  October 2010

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